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Resound X-plore Hearing Aid Review

ReSound is the parent company of Beltone, so all ReSound products are comparable to Beltone hearing aids, but not nearly as expensive.

X-plore is ReSounds mid to upper level programmable digital hearing aid. Its even better than ReSounds renowned Ziga, but with twice as many features. The X-plore also compares favorably to many Siemens hearing aids, Rexton hearing aids, and devices made by other leading manufacturers of products designed to reduce hearing loss.

X-plore has 17 band warp processing (most hearing aids only have six). It has a patented feature called Dual Stabilizer which virtually eliminates all feedback. The Noise Tracker feature locks onto noise as it moves around you or the room youre in and decreases the noise without affecting human speech.

With four different programs built in from the factory, X-plore can adjust to nearly any environment, whether outdoors, in a busy restaurant with lots of background noise, at a movie or theater, or in a crowded party where understanding of the nuances of conversation is important.

Among the other features available are Soft Switching. It allows you to automatically switch back and forth between omni-directional and directional modes.

Acceptance Manager was designed as something of a hearing coach. Amplification is increased gradually over time in small increments to allow the wearer to grow accustomed to his or her new hearing aid. For new hearing aid users, the sudden ability to hear sounds they havent noticed in years can be harsh or disconcerting. This gradual increase in sound amplification helps to make the process much easier.

To cut down on noise from the wind and to help you to hear better when outside, there is a feature called Active Wind Stop.

Also important for outdoor activities is the construction of the materials themselves; they are resistant to humidity which is great to people who are sporting or like to exercise. This is important because sweat and moisture can be highly damaging to hearing aids.

All of this is designed to give the wearer a more natural sound quality.

The ReSound X-plore hearing aid is available in open-fit, powerful BTE (Behind-the-Ear) with custom shells, and custom sizes, the best of which for most users is the CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) because it is undetectable and all but invisible when properly placed down in the ear canal. The fit is so comfortable that some users actually forget they have the X-plore in the ears.


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